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World Famous and Ranking University in Bangladesh.

One of the Best University in Asia

Dhaka university (short name DU) is an autonomous government university in Bangladesh.the Famous and RankingΒ  University located at shah-bagh;Dhaka. According to the education system of British India in 1920 Oxbridge The text system follows. In the beginning it was recognized as the oxford of the east in the context of being strictly regulated by various eminent school and scientist.

Conquest of proverbs(Teaching Light). Type Autonomous university Co-Education in 1921. Educational officer 1817 Administrative officer 3408 and about 37,064 students by studying. Address Ramna.dhaka1000,banglad4esh. Teaching room 20. Area 20 acres (excluding institute of leader engineering and technology).

This university a chary name president:Abdul Hamid and vice-chancellor name is professor Mohammad Akhtaruzzaman. Dhaka university teacher received the highest number of Bangladesh science academy medals. In addition, it is ranked as the only university in Bangladesh to be ranked in the top five universities in Asia Week.

All the students of the university are required to be associated with the halls as residential/non-residential students. At presents there are 14 residential halls for boys students and 5 residential halls for girls students. Besides, there are some separated hostels for students of the faculty an Arts and Business hostel are build and inter national hostel foreigner students.

The contribution of Dhaka university is significant in creating a new generation of leader ship in various workplaces of neglected East Bangle. Until the position of INDIA in the 5 years the university was regarded as the leading residential institution of higher education in ASIA. After the partition of the country. The university of Dhaka has to take over all the educational institutions of secondary level authority of East Bangle. As a result the university became an affiliating institution for education and empowerment. Due to this importance the university administration subsequently underwent extensive expansion which put a facility. After that a few more university were established but the pressure on Dhaka university did not decrease.

There are many monuments and Statue at Dhaka university. Incredible Bangle, Anti Terrorism Raju sculpture, Self made library, Dowel IV, Three leader shrines, Dhaka Gate, Freedoms struggle, Swami Vivekananda sculpture, Shaheed Minar and other monument sculpture of Dhaka university.

World Famous and Ranking University in Bangladesh.

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