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The future of the world is moving towards darkness

The future of the world is moving towards darkness.

The environment is the surrounding from water, air, animals, waste, plants and other Things that  surround  us. The future of the world is moving towards darkness because environment constitutes  of many things that is
Costly inter twined to  create a harmonic  balance.

Nowadays  environment pollution is one of the most talked topics of the world. Our environment polluted  in other ways; air, water, animals, plants-e.t.c

Air pollution is very harmful to humans and animals, because human and animals receive oxygen from the air. Air polluted in many ways.smoke pollution in air, men makes fire to cooked his food to make bricks meals pitch for road  constructioned and burns wood. Railways engines, mills and factories power house used  coal and oil. Buses, trucks, car use petrol and diesel. Again all these think causes air pollution.

Water pollution is many  ways, farmer used chemical in secticide in their lands to grow more foods. The rain and foods wash  away some chemical. They get mixed with canal, rivers water. Steamers, launch even sail-boats polluted water by throwing oil, food, waste human waste into the big canal or river. Mill, factory throw  waste in the water.

Plants maintain our climate. Because plant refers the rise in average surface temperature, on Earth. The main cause of climate change is the burning of fossil fuels such as oil and coal which emits  greenhouse gas  into the atmosphere mostly carbon-dioxid. Other  human actives such as agriculture. It leaves bad impacts on the developing  countries. This temperature include greenhouse and carbon-dioxide gas emissions irregular rainfall, rise of floods, cyclones etc. So we need to put more and more  plants.pollution is more dangers to live all animals and human. Has become a matter of concern for our future…..

The future of the world is moving towards darkness.

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