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Taj Mahal is one of the seven wonders in the world.

Taj Mahal

There are seven beautiful  places around the worlds. The Taj  Mahal is one of them. It is located Agra in Delhi, (INDIA). It created by Mogul Emperor Shah Jahan as a make of love for his wife(MOMTAZ).

More than 20,000 workers worked to make it.Thay  takes a log time to make it for 22 years. It is mainly made of a costly white stone. Its beauty is infinite.Because there are no lights inside it. It’s light up the Whole moon in moon light at night. It is one of the world Heritage sites.The tomb was named after his  be loved wife (MOMTAZ  BEGUM).It’s  construction starts in 1631 and in ends  1653.It has a beautiful garden and larges  swmming pool  in front  the Mahal.It has several worth see domes.Even till date, people sing praises about Shah Jahans grands gesture.It makes believe  in love and appreciate like never before.Agra for very famous in Mogul Emperor  Shah Jahan.The Taj Mahal has been listed the UNESCO World Heritage Site in1983.

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