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Secularism is the big problem in worldwide.

Secularism is the most controversial issue in the world.

The secularism is the big problem in worldwide. Secularism is a major problem in India.Because it causes division among people. With the amendment of the constitution of INDIA enacted in 1976,the preamble to the constitution asserted that’s INDIA is a secular nation. Officially secularism has always  in spared modern INDIA. In practice unlike western nations of secularism. INDIA  secularism does not separate religion and state. The people of INDIA have this  secularism.

But Indian Muslims have no problems face with secularism.because  they themselves believe in Allah Almighty.all the nations of the world except Muslims are suffering at this secularism.because many secular texts have stated  this secularism very clearly.they also say that Islam is the only true religion. Islam is always on the path of truth.fools make a difference with this secularism.

The state can’t reject or accept any religion as the state religion.but Indian Govt. has not correctly has been separate of the state and religion.the Indian people suffering from the secularism. The world say that Islam can lead    all the people to the way true and the truth.

Secularism is part of  the people. The people unlike is secularism, because its division the among people and stay that.the old means say why division the secularism.many people division secularism.

Many types of human democracy is system secularism.  World problem human to secularism. They can take another religion. Indian human stay that the secularism problem. Because the secularism division the many people. Muslim people are the Islamic political thought.

A number of pre-mmodern polities in the Islamic country, demons ted some of between religious  and political authority. The  exact jurisdiction these courts varies from country to country. But  usually includes marriage, divorce and guardianship.

So, we should all discard this secularism.

Secularism is the big problem in worldwide.

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