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Popular tourist Beach in Asia(Bangladesh)

Tarua beach more beautiful than Cox’sBazar beach.

Tarua beach ia less then Cox’sBazar and kuakata beach.Tarua can travel on the beach with a wide ocean of water,sandy desert.Calliigraphy of various species and shady enclosures in the mangrove forest and varied animals.The roaring waves of the sea as if to catch a wolf etc.Nature has decorated the island with his own hands.


At dawn,The coming message of the sun canbe seen in Taruya.The unparalleled view of the red rey filled with a double step by the stairs in the evening sky.Turist and Traveling On this island of Tarua.

The magical power of captivating the thirsty people are bound.Wearing a veil in new sari at night.The bride-to be goes into silence as the whole area looks a little different thinks.

The apperance of the newly arrive guest birds from Sibeeria as the whole area attract tourists from the small red crabs playing in the near place of the peninsula.Red crabs settle in the sand ,when the sun rises.The red crab stares at the sun.


There is nothing to be said about Tarua Beach.


The only one who can speak once.Tarua beach is definitely a boast for Bhola residents and everyone should visits at least once/because Tarua Island is on less than Cox’s Bazar.

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Large trees can be found in the Tarua forest.Many tourist started eating big trees from the trees.The dead bodies of Taruwa Island have become another spectacular object’s.

Some of the trees themeselv are framed with that tree.The roots of a tree about 6 inches high from the ground should tell itself the beauty.Much like the desert sands,small,large and medium sized tress of different species grow.

There are different types of flower.Thera are around the island is about 6 km.Somewhere low ,somewherehigh and flat.The small and medium types of soil lying on the shore are precisely likes rock.


Where to stay:


No accommodation has been set up on Tarua Island yet.So you have to go back to Bhola city for a night stay.


Way to go:


Bhola ia union of sloping slops about 5 km from Charfashen upazila city.Her Tarua is the name of Island separating between Chahal Shahjalal and Char Ashraf in the east from the sloping slopes in Bay of Bengal.Bhola district is about 150 km from Taruya beach.


Popular tourist Beach in Asia

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