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Political problems and solutions worldwide

Political rules and regulations

Politics in general means fighting for power. Power is at the root of politics. Political problems and solutions worldwide. Politics determines how to acquire power, increase power and it. From ancient Greek. Today the important influence of politics can see in every society. In general the rule making system of state governance is called politics.

The democracy that prevails is not truly representative. People will be good only if there is a good government. Good governmentย  is a representative government. The wrists think that a truly representative democracy is not possible without an election under a neutral care take government. Therefore, the establishment of democracy require proper voting system. By using the power of this politics chaos is being created in the country today.

The political position is at the top of everything. By using this political power there is war in the country. This political benefits the power on the one hand and harms the other. Today the countryย  is growing very fast because of its political position.

The position of politics within world is now at the top of everything. Every country is busy with its political activities. Because of this politics, The country is much better today.

Religious position in politics is a satisfying father. People of many religions are working together because of politics. There is no difference between them. Every one is doing political work together shoulder to shoulder.

There are many benefits of politics. In it all people of the state should be heard directly by the government. Politics parties will always think about how the country can be improved.As a result a country can develop very quickly.

Politics has many bad consequences. Among them, politics is for the welfare of the country and the nation, But now the display of power and consumption used as a tool of luxury. This politics has been come the politics of killing people. Through which many dreams of souls are being destroyed prematurely.

In order to bring about a qualitative change in politics. The conduct need to change. Working honestly in politics is a big challenge. The number of honest people is not high in politics.If every one is honest the look of the country will change.

Political problems and solutions worldwide.

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