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Coronavirus is most dangerous
"Coronavirus is most dangerous topics in World"

One milion people Attack by coronavirus

“Coronavirus is most dangerous topics in World”

Coronavirus,First started in the Wure province of China.At This time is spreading worldwide in coronavirus.


Chinese researcher ShiZhengli, research at the institute, said on his Facebook

and Twitter Sunday that the virus ‘punished the imperfect habits and customs of the human beings’.

He agreed to bet my life that [The outbreak] has nothing do with the research lab.

He is the leading scientist who discovered that the coronavirus can through at the

ACE2 receptor and originate from bad dice.

His comment cames after Indian commenters recently published and review paper

that scientists had artificial infused genes from HIV come to the coronavirus,

making it suscept to anti-HIV treatment…..

The paper was immediately penned by experts from all around the world.

Comment on the twitter post professor of chemistry at the Harvard University, David Lui, said: The only claim that to such short entrants do not supports “NCOV” sources, the possibility of nature’s luck is already varied questionable things.

The British Daily Mail Newspaper and the US Conservative newspaper the Washington Times report that the conspiracy in the last January after articles were publishing claims that the resent outbreak could have catastrophic consequences for China’s secret biological weapon research.

Coronavirus is most dangerous topics in World”

The articles provide no evidence. The conspiracy quickly viral on social media on Facebook and Twitter, prompting media from the BBC to throw out the marginal theory at the foreign policy…..

The Chinese embassy in Italy in January said that in a statement that the conspiracy was baseless and false. China will continue to maintain a transparent and highly responsible attitude when it comes to disclosing information about the outbreak, it said.

At this time Coronavirus attack all over the world, among them ASIA, USA, IRAN, INDIA, BELGIUM, RUSSIA ETC……….

Has taken a horrible shape in him Singapore, Denmark, Belgium and the United States of America.…….

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