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Creating political power and spreading it in our society.

Aspects of the expansion of political power.

PIolitics is the process by which group comprising some individuals make decision.Creating political power. It refers to the politics of civil govt.but politics is practiced In many other social institution such as business institutions educational institutions religious institutions where there is mutual relationship between people.  Politics consists of social relations formed on the basis of authority and power.

We think that corruption is the main cause of the politics of our existing power. The welfare of individuals and groups is the main attraction of power rather than public welfare. Therefore, eliminating corruption and national priorities in our efforts to establish democracy. Corruption in Bangladesh is an ongoing problem in the country. And it also ranks as the most corrupt country in the world.

According to the dictionary politics means way of gaining power. There is no other definition of politics. Really politics is the only way gain power. In this sense it is normal to do politics on how to go to state power when elections are held. Therefore, in order to gain power every one fought to win the election. At present the unity front of the political coalition is also a result of that section but there are many questions.

In the present world the sole power of American inter nation politics is entirely regionalism.

There are certain principle of inter national relation that we need to know to understand to negotiations. There is no permanent enemy or ally in inter national politics. The principal of inter national politics is the competition for power and the balance of power. This is not only to escape the threat from states but also to increase their power and develop friendly relations with other states.

Creating political power and spreading it in our society.

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