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Coronavirus have confused the humanity

Coronavirus have confused the humanity

The  present condition of the world is unbearable but Almighty Creator had described us about the matter, why we should face the  critical situations, but we all human being forgot this all. We became divided within ourselves. Because of different religions we became enemies to each other. We forgot our humanity.

The present condition
Coronavirus have confused the humanity

We have the duties towards us as well as for the whole humanity, but we forgotten the fact. Though we have all explanation in front of us, but we reject those All. We don’t want to like it to the situation that we are in now a day in the entire, we can ponder upon it, we are so grateful to Creator(Allah). And if you noticed in the few days that past we have been deprived of blessings, that we took for granted, we have been deprived of that, the simple blessing of shaking my brothers hand, meet with them in the public place, so we took for granted.

We should appreciate all the blessings that Allah (s.w.t) and every time I say Alhamdulillah Rabbi-al-ameen .it should remind me of the blessings of that Allah (s.w.t)best towed upon me and my family. My dear brother and sister appreciate your children and my young brother and sister

Appreciate your parents before a day comes that you will regret.

Allah told us that he is the all merciful, the most merciful that should remind us that the all- merciful is aware of what is happening. The all merciful will decree something that is full of mercy for all humanity. He is the one that is more merciful on us than our own mother and father.

He is the king of the day of judgement. Coronavirus have confused the humanity.when the mountains are moving.

When the sun disappears.

The final day of the world. The end of the world. Now we fear coronavirus, and we are forgetting the creator and owner of coronavirus, Subhan Allah(Astaghfirullah). I seek forgiveness in Allah, so Allah wants us to come back to him, he is reminding us of his power. Only one worthy of worship, let us all become true servants of Allah because he promised his servants. He will save them in this Dunia(in the World) and in the Akhirah (life here after) by following we come to the most important prayer for humanity.

Oh!  Allah keep us on the straight path, keep us guided, Oh!Allah we are so much in ignorance, we are in danger, we are out of our control, we already mix truth and false please save us.

Oh! Allah, this is the only path that will lead us to your pleasure, the path, of the people that you have blessed the path of Prophets and the truthful and the shahada, and the Novelist, the path of the righteous and the prophets of All ages. Oh! Allah, we want that path, Oh! Allah, we want to live on that path and die on that path,

Oh! Allah keep us away from the path of the people who went astray path of Satan (Devil), Oh! Allah without your help it is impossible for us. please my lord saves me, save the humanity, save the mankind. Please my lord (Allah)save us, save our future.

Remember that Allah is greater than coronavirus almighty Allah is the one that should be feared. Allah we should put our complete trust in him, and we have complete certainty in our heart that he is the only one who has the cure. May Allah protect us all. May Allah increase our Faith and trust on him. MayAllah save me and my Brothers and Sisters. Let us love everyone, love humanity. Love for the sake of Allah is one of the greatest virtues of Islam, Humanity. Religious love is unselfish in the sense that it does not expect any reward in the world, but only a reward from Allah in the Hereafter.

Believing men and believing women are each other’s allies. They prescribe what is good, forbid what is evil, perform prayer, give alms, and they obey Allah and His Messenger. Allah will have mercy on them, for Allah is Mighty and wise. (Surah al-tawba 9: 71)

Keep on believing on you, try to find the mercy of Allah! We should work for humanity, together against the coronavirus.  We should beg pardon from Allah. Finally, a person will be with those whom he loved on the day of Resurrection. A person will be with those whom he loved on the day of Resurrection.

Success comes from Allah, and Allah knows best.

Coronavirus have confused the humanity……………

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