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Corona virus

Corona virus (COVID-19) is causing a lot of changes in people.

There are many differences of opinion as to where the #coronavirus originated or where it originated.
However, it is thought to have originated in the Chinese
 province of Wuhan.

Corona virus
Corona virus (COVID-19) is causing a lot of changes in people

The horrors of the Coronavirus that the world first saw is not the worst in this century.

At first, the world took the virus lightly but everyone was shocked to see the catastrophe that befell China.
The situation in China was so deplorable that the developed nations were stunned.
Since then, the virus has gradually spread to other parts of the world.
If the outbreak of the virus had not been taken lightly,
the amount of damage that the world is currently experiencing would have been less.

According to experts, the virus has entered the human body from animals.
This is because the city of Wuhan in China is home to a variety of animals that are not usually eaten by any other species but are eaten by them.
Animals such as brave cats, dogs, snakes, etc. are chased and are harmful to the human body.
However, different experts have given more than one opinion,
They stated that the virus did not spread from the animal’s body to the human body,
but that the virus was created by chemicals. However, no clear idea has been found yet.

(covid-19)Due to this many changes have started to take place in the political, economic, and social life of the people.
Due to this epidemic, people have learned to do as much of their daily work online as possible.
But even then, it can be said that the normal economic growth rate of the people has been destroyed.
Every nation has seen the ill effects of this virus very closely.
But if all goes well, people all over the world are hopeful that by 2021,
people from all walks of life will be vaccinated against the coronavirus.
The developed countries of the world should not create any kind of political issue on such epidemic issues.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing a lot of changes in people.

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