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Causes and factors of social change in the world.

Social change

Social change is one of the most talked topics of the world. There are many arguments in meaning(Causes and factors) social change. Normally social change means to develop science and knowledge, technology, culture, economics and environmental change.there are two sides of social change. One of them is good side and other is bad side. Many important thing which is essentialย  for human life is discovered by social change.

On the other side, there are some countries which are called third world countries are greatly affected by the bad side of social change. They cannot stand by the developed country because of their bad politics and social problem. But main reason is social problem. Social problem are caused by social change. It greatly affects the people. Bangladesh is one of the country which is effected by bad side of social change.

Information revolution and some countries has some power which is building a kingdom is known as social change. There are many causes of social change. Such as the development of information and technology of science.

Nowadays we see the influence of science everywhere. It has changed human a result it is causing social change. In ancient time man has to lead a very hard life. They had to work to earn the bread. But now it has been very easy. But it has some demerits too, People have become very lazy. Theyย  led their life with laziness. Moreover, they attach the selves with the criminal ideas. Such as terrorist eve-teasing, hacking. They always want to deceive the people. It is a bad side of social change.

In ancient time people used to die in normal diseases. They did not know how to cure. But now with the passage of time they have invented many kinds of antidotes. This antidote increases the lifetime. As a result social change accurs frequently.

Time passes on and taste of the people changes inevitably social change has stimulates means faculty of work and accelerates his vigor and energy. Most of the important thing for the world has invented for the social change. Another reason of social change is availability of modern amenities. In the past snake charming puppet show, jatra, jarigan, sharigan, kobigan were very popular. But now these have lost their appeal. People are no longer interested in them. Now television and satellite channels have taken this place. Now these are losing their appeal because of people are interested in computer games, Facebook, browsing, chatting and video game. These are the example of social change. In short social change brings both.

Causes and factors of social change in the world.

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