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All markets have returned to normal since the lockdown

All markets have returned

The current state of the world recently After the lockdown and the change of circumstances, the normal life of the people has been revived. (covid-19)The world economy has organized a catastrophic situation.Every country is making great efforts to normalize this economic system. Because economic criteria is the backbone of a …

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Coronavirus have confused the humanity

Coronavirus have confused the humanity TheΒ  present condition of the world is unbearable but Almighty Creator had described us about the matter, why we should face theΒ  critical situations, but we all human being forgot this all. We became divided within ourselves. Because of different religions we became enemies to …

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Corona virus is spreading rapidly through money

Corona virus is rapidly through money

Corona virus is spreading rapidly through money Corona virus is major problem in this worldwide,Becaus million’s of people,have been atteck with the virus.The virus first appeared in a city of Ohan,China.Many sciencetis think that the virus is causes by rush.People in china like to eat bats. Now it has spread …

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One milion people Attack by coronavirus

Coronavirus is most dangerous

“Coronavirus is most dangerous topics in World” Coronavirus,First started in the Wure province of China.At This time is spreading worldwide in coronavirus.   Chinese researcher ShiZhengli, research at the institute, said on his Facebook and Twitter Sunday that the virus ‘punished the imperfect habits and customs of the human beings’. …

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